For more than 35 years, COHEAO has served as the industry’s premier partnership of colleges, universities and organizations dedicated to promoting the Federal campus-based loan programs and addressing the most pressing issues in student financial services today. Driven by the demand for information and collaboration on the Perkins Loan Program, Student Financial Wellness and Student Financial Services, COHEAO provides opportunities for networking and professional development through its conferences, webinars and task forces, focusing on compliance, legislative and regulatory issues.

By advocating for the preservation and improvement of the campus-based programs, our membership is dedicated to providing greater access to students with need in achieving their goal of a higher education!

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Attention COHEAO Members and Perkins Loan Advocates: Perkins Loan Recipients NEED YOUR HELP!  Sign the Save Perkins Petition and let your voice be heardWithout Congressional action, the Perkins Loan Program could be discontinued, and all of the benefits of this low-cost, effective loan program will be lost. Learn More.

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September 15, 2017 Written by Greg Marak ( This week, S. 1808 was introduced to extend the Perkins Loan Program for two years. The bill is identical to the House bill, according to its sponsors.  It was introduced by Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Rob Portman (R-OH), Bob Casey (D-PA) and Susan Collins (R-ME). Cosponsoring the bill…

September 11, 2017 Written by Greg Marak ( The Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid announced that it will delay the collection of Excess Liquid Capital (ELC) from the Perkins Loan Revolving Fund until after the eCampus-Based system has converted to the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) platform in 2018. The announcement indicates…

Today, the Department of Education released an updated version of its “Guidance for helping Title IV participants affected by a major disaster” Dear Colleague Letter.  Below is the guidance relating to the Campus-Based Programs generally and Perkins Loan specifically. The announcement and the full letter from the Department of Education are also available online. General…