Since 1981, COHEAO has served as a partnership of colleges, universities, and organizations dedicated to promoting the Federal Campus-Based loan programs and other student financial services.  Committed to the preservation and improvement of the Federal Perkins Loan and Health and Human Services Loan Programs, COHEAO advocates for their continuance as well as for increased annual appropriation levels.  Driven by the demand for information in the areas of student financial services, compliance, federal legislative and regulatory issues, COHEAO keeps its membership apprised with informative and timely updates through newsletters, webinars, and annual conferences.

The Future of Perkins Loans

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Attention COHEAO Members and Perkins Loan Advocates: Perkins Loan Recipients NEED YOUR HELP! Without Congressional action, the Perkins Loan Program could be discontinued, and all of the benefits of this low-cost, effective loan program will be lost. Learn More.

Task Forces & Committees

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COHEAO has multiple task forces and committees that meet on a regular basis that are open to all members. The organization also convenes ad hoc working groups to address specific issues. Learn More

Conferences & Training


COHEAO hosts two major conferences each year featuring informative programs, networking opportunities, and discussion with Members of Congress, Key officials, and other leaders in student financial services. Learn More.

Senate HELP Committee Chairman Tom Harkin recently released a Higher Education Act reauthorization discussion draft, the Higher Education Affordability Act (HEAA). Harkin asked for comments from interested parties. In COHEAO’s response, President Maria Livolsi noted the Federal Campus-Based programs align with Chairman Harkin and the Committee’s goals with HEA reauthorization–increasing affordability and helping struggling borrowers,…

Congratulations to two COHEAO members, Joe Weglarz of Marist College and Keith Fitzsimmons of the University of Kansas Medical Center. for winning our most recent drawing for free COHEAO webinars. Joe and Keith may use their free webinar certificate during the numerous online events we host throughout the year. Their names were drawn at random…

July 11, 2014 Prepared by:  Harrison Wadsworth  (hwadsworth@wpllc.net)    The House Education and Workforce Committee yesterday approved three parts of the Higher Education Act reauthorization legislation, all passing with bi-partisan support after an apparently collegial process took place in writing them.  The three were not really controversial, with the hard parts – including the student aid…