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The Final Defense to Repayment Regulations – An Inside Look into These Complex, Momentous New Rules

COHEAO is hosting a webinar on November 17 at 2:00 PM EST, “The Final Defense to Repayment Regulations – An Inside Look at These Complex, Momentous Regulations.” The presentation will take a closer look at the newly released Defense to Repayment (DTR) regulations released this week by the Department of Education (See related article/attachment).  Sign up today!

Betsy Mayotte, a primary negotiator on the Department of Education’s negotiated rulemaking on its Defense to Repayment and related regulations, will join COHEAO Executive Director Harrison Wadsworth, who observed all the negotiations, to go over the key elements that impact schools. Mayotte is an expert on the Department’s regulations who in her role at American Student Assistance also works with students who have questions about their loans.  The new Defense to Repayment rules that expand and codify how borrowers can get their loans forgiven – and charged back to their school — could have major impacts on campuses and their service providers for many years.  This webinar will be a chance to learn a lot more about how they will work. Register Here!

Perkins Loans Today & Tomorrow: The Impact of the Election & Some Practical, Expert Advice

The election results are (mostly) in and COHEAO is here to help you make sense of it all.  Join COHEAO on Tuesday, November 22 for a FREE webinar discussing yesterday’s election and what it will mean for student financial services, particularly the Perkins Loan Program.  The discussion will then focus on building Perkins Loan champions on Capitol Hill and maximizing the impact and benefits of the Perkins Loan Program on campus.

COHEAO Executive Director Harrison Wadsworth will take you through the election results, discuss new key players, and offer his insights on the 115th Congress and the next Administration. COHEAO President Maria Livolsi of the State University of New York, COHEAO Legislative Chair Jan Hnilica of Wheaton College, and experts in the Title IV student aid programs will discuss strategies for maximizing the value of Perkins to your students and institution through the award process. This webinar is free for all attendees.

This is one COHEAO webinar you do not want to miss. Sign up today! 

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